About Me

Hello! So glad you found your way here. I’m guessing that you might be navigating this website because you’re curious about how you can access greater health and more flow with less confusion and obstacles. That same curiosity led me to the place where I am now, writing this message for you.

From the age of 13, I started a journey to “optimize” myself. Entering the endless endeavor of trying to get stronger, more muscular, and “better”, it wasn’t long before my body was overused and out of harmony. My mind was working overtime as I chased an illusion of success and being “more” than I was. Through the highs and lows of what some might consider body dysmorphia, binge eating, and obsessive exercise, I found myself with overwhelming anxiety and an injured, dysfunctional body from all the overuse and unrest. In my attachment to becoming “more”, I simply got in the way of my own natural flow, getting lost in my ego and form.

Once I reached my third significant injury, that quite literally forced me to stop exercising, I had to take a step back and learn how to rebuild myself from the ground up. In the process of physical therapy, I soon learned that it was not just my body that was being overused and getting inflamed, but also my mind. My thoughts were relentlessly fixated on the future and anticipating that which had not yet occurred. I was being driven by the fear of not being enough, which ultimately led to the break down that commonly follows “too much”. In the midst of rehabilitating severe tendonitis and unstable posture, I discovered there was something else “wrong” with my body. It appeared that I was trembling with any controlled movement, from my face to my feet, and believed that was something deeply wrong. After blood tests and a neurological exam, the doctors confirmed there was actually nothing wrong with me. All the neurologist could share was, “It’s probably in your head.”

I fortunately walked into the right classrooms and was given the right books at the right time to begin guiding me to a new place, inside myself. I learned how to begin quieting my mind, just a few seconds at first, and temporarily release tension and anxiety. I discovered the door to what I was really looking for: wholeness and freedom. All along I had believed, unconsciously, that only achievement and success would grant me the sense of completion I had been so desperately seeking. This place was ironically in the one place I had never thought to look. Right under my nose and in intimate contact with every other sense was the here and now, patiently waiting for me to give it my attention.

After reading many books on the mind and its inseparable connection to the body, and really all of our experience, I began practicing many different perceptions and tools to access this new (yet infinitely old) place inside myself. By learning how to deliberately create my reality, my intention was to get my body and mind to a level that allowed me to live in flow with my true nature, which I soon recognized as my personal freedom. Over time, my trembling slowly dissipated as I tuned back into who I was before the road of self-destruction. My creativity as a musician and a health and wellness professional then exploded.

After beginning to infuse my personal lessons in the training I offered to others, I learned that “my answers” and motivations to change were not for everyone. I then set out to learn a methodology that would allow me to masterfully guide others to create the change they wanted in their lives, as I had in mine. This ultimately led to what I’ve come to call the EZENFLOW Method, which adapts concepts from human anatomy, physiology, Eastern philosophy, “New Age” personal development, and the extremely therapeutic (transformational) coaching tools I’ve accessed through the Institute of Coaching Mastery. My teacher and mentor, Alyssa Nobriga, showed me quite clearly how to not only put it all together, but how to fully embody my greatest potential through love and compassion.

It is now my conscious purpose to not only demonstrate my own beautiful unfolding of expansive life, but to guide those who are willing to lead themselves into their most authentic, healthy, and creative versions of themselves. When I say “creative”, I don’t just mean those who work in the arts of painting, music, or writing, but all those who seek to create an experience that is a joyous reflection of what they truly want. The creativity that is inherent to all of us, no matter what medium, is able to be unblocked, harnessed, and used in the most awe-inspiring ways. All the aspects of ourselves we have judged and perceived as wrong or undesirable are actually the way back home to this authentic self we all long to be. This self exists within the ease and flow of our intrinsic nature.

If you feel called to learn more, follow this excitement and fill out a quick application to schedule a free consultation. If you’re ready to create more harmony, ease, and flow in your health and overall experience, NOW is the time to begin. You can start right here!

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